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The earlier morning Friend's cut

it's been a good, long run but I think I need to revamp this journal if I'm going to use it. Peace bros.
[DD] Cause my bright is too slight

she used to be the sweetest girl;

ask me as many questions as you want and i will answer honestly.

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back in the city, being a lazy butt ♥
Also bought so many delicious things at the grocery storeeee
trying to find a new joooooob
boyfriend comes back tomorrrooowwww
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fck h8

Tomorrow's (read: today) Spirit Day to remember the teens who have committed suicide due to being bullied about being gay, and as a general day of gay awareness and acceptance. Wear purple, or make a purple ribbon because of it. If any of you guys could do that, it would be really awesome. ♥

I am... appalled by the way some people are treating this day though. Saying that they refuse to wear purple because "purple won't miraculously stop homophobia lol!!!" and saying that basically we should be ashamed for having this Spirit Day when there is cancer to beat, or any other number of things. Cancer is no laughing matter, but in the long run it's being fought against by people all over the world. There are cancer walks, fight cancer donations, etc while the gay community doesn't get many opportunities like this. And really it disgusts me that we are comparing tragedies we need to fight against or make a community aware of.

It disgusts me that people are going "fuck wearing purple" because it "doesn't make a difference." It's not going to change the world instantly. But all revolutions start from one small idea or movement. We might just make at least ONE person aware tomorrow, and that's what counts. I don't believe every movement has to involve inflicting violence against those who wronged us. it's just as much about peace. And really, it's also remembering those kids who killed themselves BECAUSE people are so intolerant and taught to hate the LGBT community.

Also, I want to save FUCK YOU if you're making fun of the It Gets Better campaign. Seriously, get the FUCK out of my life. Sure it's not going to help everyone, sure it doesn't always get better, but the people participating in this cause all have their hearts in the right place and are all trying to reach out to those who will listen.

I'm very not okay with how some people have been treating Spirit Day. Don't tell me you support the LGBT community but look down on this day. You're not actually helping your cause.

I'm going to go take a shower and make some cute icons to calm me down lmfao. Also abububu look at this cutie aguuuu
[DD] Cause my bright is too slight

i'd be happy if you share your web with me;

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Day 01 - Introduce yourself (in great detail)

Yoha broha. I'm Alex, 19 years old. I'll be 20 years old in 15 days. Emphasis on OLD. I like to go out and hang out with friends and celebrate my ~youth but the best way to describe me is a grumpy old lady. I can be grouchy, I can be mean, and sometimes I will say things with the intention of getting a rise out of you, even if it's something small. I don't do it to be a dick, it just kind of happens and I suppose it's just an inherent boredom in me, which makes me have to press other's buttons.

But really I consider myself pretty chill. I like meeting people, but at the same time I am shy as all hell. So I tend to stick to being quiet unless I really know you. But even that depends on my mood. I can be loud and obnoxious, silent and withdrawn all at the turn of a hat. I'm basically a contradiction as I do certain things one day and do the complete opposite another depending on my mood. But even with my tendency to flip flop to keep things... interesting for myself? I hate change, and don't take to it very well. I worry too much for my own health and tend to freak out the moment something doesn't go as I planned.
A lot of people basically describe me as pretty tsundere, which I guess is true. I hate showing weaknesses, and I like to act huffy and mean even when I don't mean it. The more I care about you, the worse I treat you, but always within reason. I am always there to listen to people when they are upset, and nothing makes me feel better than protecting others. I have a soft spot for smaller, weaker people, and tend to take them under my wing. I'm not altruistic, but I AM protective, to the point that I would get into fights to protect people I care about. I tend to be the big sister people never had (even if I am sometimes younger than them).
I am also pretty sensitive and tend not to take jokes very well but I don't let it show that I am upset. And as grumpy as I am, I rarely snap at people because I don't like causing problems with people I care about. I like violence, and fighting, and being the big guy but I am really into having a balance and a steady relationship with people. Causing people I know to dislike me causes change, and like I said, I cannot deal with it, so I don't like people dropping me out of their life.
But at the same time I can be pretty apathetic. I tend to worry until i realize I don't give a shit, and drop people like flies when I decide they aren't worth the effort. Like I said, contradiction. Still, I am a totally cool bro, I swear!!

I love trolling people though. Pushing buttons, etc etc. Most people can tell when I'm being serious or not. Most people are intimidated when they first meet me for some reason??

I am on my third year at NYU and don't know what to do with myself. I am majoring in TV writing and want to minor in Italian so that I can teach it one day. This all seems like a big life plan but ehhhh, I don't know how successful I will be out of college so we'll... see or something.

I also like comic books, and sci fi shows, and webcomics, and nerdy things like that and I am not ashamed to say that I can be a huge dork a lot of the time.

SO that's me!!!! or something. idk. I am gonna keep this public for a bit, I guess.

Also did a late night cut of dead journals but if I accidentally cut you SORRY BRO. Tell me here.

I am excited for Katsucon due to DRUNKEN HOMESTUCK TROLL PARTYING. I dunno if I want to be Karkat, Sollux, or Eridan. All my loves.